Thursday, November 21, 2019

E-Business Plan Outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

E-Business Plan Outline - Essay Example From this paper, it is clear that the section on marketing plan will include the important details and characteristics of the target market of the company. Marketing mix i.e. four P’s of the marketing; product, place, price, promotion, will also be included in the marketing plan. In this section, all promotional strategies will be outlined and explained.a. The target market is that segment of the market which is believed to be the potential customers of the company. In this section, the target market will be defined on the basis of demographics, psychographics, and other important parameters.b. the marketing mix will outline the main characteristics of the product along with the prices offered. Also, this section will outline the important promotional strategies along with the positioning strategy of the company. Lastly, this section will present strategies for the location and distribution of the products.  c. Online Strategies: in this section, the online marketing, and pr omotional strategies will be outlined and analyzed.d. Offline Strategies: in this section the offline marketing and promotional strategies in order to promote the business, will be presented.e. SWOT Analysis: this section will consist of audit of the internal and external environment of the company, this, in turn, will result in the generation of important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities of the company.  Ã‚  The conclusion of the plan will present the brief overview of the business plan and will integrate the whole plan.

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